American Hustle is in theaters today, and I already know two things in this Oscar baiting Hollywood caper are going to be flawless: Jennifer Lawrence‘s hair, and Jennifer Lawrence’s cleavage. Her comedic performance is clearly remarkable, as she, Amy Adams, Christian BaleBradley Cooper, and the whole picture have all been nominated for Golden Globes. I am not an actress, and I have made peace with the fact my B cups will never fill out a disco gown like she can, so I’m going to focus on the hair.

It’s no secret that I love big hair, so I felt pretty confident in recreating the swoon-worthy seventies bun she wears for much of the movie.

You will need two curling tools for this: a curling iron, for the tighter curls framing the face, and hot rollers (which I know you bought for this tutorial) to get the necessary retro volume. You’ll also need hairspray, lots and lots of hairspray, and a few bobby pins.


Try not to start with freshly washed hair. Day old hair has a little natural texture and grip that makes life much easier.


Begin by curling your hair with hot rollers. Grab a section of hair from the crown, pull it straight up, and roll toward your scalp. Grab another section just behind the first, pull it straight up, and roll toward your scalp. Continue working backward, until you have a mohawk of curls to the back of your head.

Next, take a section in front of each ear and roll backward, placing the roller vertical against your temples. The curls are just for body and height, so they don’t need to be perfect. Continue pulling sections outward and rolling toward your scalp.


If you have bangs, wrap them around your curling iron and roll back away from your face. Bangs curl quickly, so don’t hold for more than 8 seconds.

Unroll the rest of your curls. Shake the curls out with your fingers, then mist a flexible hold hairspray throughout your hair.

jennifer lawson hair

Now, you’re basically going to mold your sprayed, curled hair into the shape you want. Gather your hair as if you were making a ponytail and pull it up and away from your neck.

Beginning at the ends, twist your hair loosely, twirl it into a soft bun, and press the bun against the back of your head, where you’d normally secure a ponytail. Anchor the bun with a few bobby pins. As you pin the bun in place, push it upwards toward the crown of your head. This will give you flattering body at the front, near your face.

feathered bangs

When the bun is secure, tug strands loose around your hairline and the back of your head until you have the same volume and puff as J-Law.

with bangs

If you’re going for her everyday look and have bangs, pin them back in a mini pompadour, concealing the pins by tucking them under the tousled hair at your crown. Pat hair smooth, and blast with hairspray. If you’re headed to a party, leave them feathered. Pull a few strands loose to frame your face and give them a spiral curl with your iron.

It’s like we’re twins. Finish off with a smoky eye, cleavage-bearing wrap dress (I got mind from Tobi), and a pale pink lip.Try MAC Snob, or get a metallic disco pout with CoverGirl Lip Perfection in Verve.