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Something about compacts always reminds me of when I played dress-up as a kid, and my mom bought me one of those fake plastic compacts that didn’t actually have anything in them. You know the ones I mean—it was basically just an empty Polly Pocket that had fake colored “powder” that you would slap at with a particularly puffy puff and pretend you were actually improving your complexion. Of course, I wasn’t using it to cover up hickies like Rizzo did in Grease because, come on, guys, I was, like, seven. That’s not to say that’s what I’m using compacts for now, though. I use it for my face. Really. I promise. Ugh, how did we even end up here?

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Anyway, now that we’ve established that I DO NOT HAVE ANY HICKIES, ALSO HI MOM AND DAD, let’s talk about AMOREPACIFIC‘s new Color Control Cushion Compact (I’m so good at segues). The description on AMOREPACIFIC’s site is simple and brief;

“Experience the breakthrough air cushion technology that changed the face of beauty. Weightless, buildable coverage. Effortless perfection.”

The packaging also tells me that it has hydrating and soothing bamboo sap, brightening and antioxidant-proving green tea, and broad spectrum SPF 50+ (which, for pale-ies like me, is amazing), and who am I to argue with packaging? The compact, which launched just last week, has already received Elle Magazine’s coveted Genius Award and a spot on Allure‘s Best of Beauty list, and has a 4.5 our of 5 stars on AMOREPACIFIC’s site, so from objective reviews alone, this product seems to be pretty awesome. The catch (because there’s always a catch)? It’s $60. Granted, that $60 gets you a full compact, puff, a product refill, and an additional puff, so you’re almost definitely getting your money’s worth, but still. $60? That’s quite the chunk of change. So, before you shell out on a well-reviewed product simply because it’s well-reviewed (we all know those aren’t always reliable), read on to see if it really works!

First things first I’m the realest, here’s what it looks like when you get it:

amorepacific packaging

It’s nice, classy, clean. Really, no complaints here. After you remove the outer sleeve and take the compact out of the box, here’s the compact:

closed compact

This actually looks like the compacts I had when I was little. It’s a little on the chunky side (it’d certainly take up a significant amount of space in your travel makeup bag, so if you want to bring it to the office with, you should probably plan accordingly), but it’s still pretty sleek. When you open it up, here’s what you find:

open compact 1

The mirror is HUGE, which, for anyone who uses compacts on a regular basis, is pretty great. You could feasibly use it as your everyday mirror and ditch the crappy one that came with your old Sephora gift card a few years back. The puff sits on its own little table-flap, which is great for maintaining its integrity and also not having your compact explode when you open it. Remove the puff and pull back the flap, and you’ll find:

compact open 2

The cushion compact! Now, I like to think I’m a pretty smart lady, but for some reason, the whole “cushion compact” thing didn’t really click right away. I hear compact and I immediately think powder. So, when I opened this bad boy to find that the product is basically in sponge form, I was pleasantly surprised. The nature of the compact inherently prevents you from picking up too much or too little, so building coverage is actually really easy. Plus, it smells amazing—it reminds me of a combination of Benefit‘s BeneTint and a perfume that my mom used to wear when I was little.

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So, I definitely forgot to take a “before” shot because I was too excited. But, the Internet is a glorious place, and you can find makeup-free shots of my gorgeous mug here, here, and here, if you feel so inclined. Applying the product is obviously as easy as patting some product onto the puff and then patting puff all over your face until you get an even layer of coverage. I put mine on in the morning, and I generally go for more sheer coverage during the daytime, so I didn’t need to use all that much. Here are the results:

compact on

I feel like I should apologize for always looking so sad in the pictures I post in my articles. I promise I’m not a sad person in real life! I’m fun! And apparently very frizzy! But fun!

It wasn’t enough for me to wear out without other makeup, just because I have very pronounced dark circles and am generally uncomfortable heading out into the world without a full face of makeup, so, for reference, here are all the other products I’m wearing today:

The cushion compact itself feels pretty great. The formula is somehow very cooling on the skin, and as someone who generally overheats pretty quickly, that was kind of nice. I’m wearing the shade 102 Light (Pink), which is even a bit more orange than I normally go for, but it’s still natural. I can definitely tell how easy it is to build coverage, and it doesn’t have too dewy of a finish, which means you won’t look sweaty during the day or shiny if you’re taking pictures at night. The product directions recommend that you reapply every two hours if you’re going to be out in direct sunlight all day, but since I’m in an office, I’m going to go ahead and forgo that step.

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Final verdict: It’s a bit of a tough call. I can definitely say that, if you’re the kind of person who likes to wear a full face of makeup everyday without having to apply both a sunscreen and a foundation, this is a great product. It’s clearly high-quality, and it’s comfortable to wear all day. Personally, I really like it, a lot more than I expected to, actually, and having it might convince me to wear a sheer foundation more often. But, if you’re more the kind of person who just wants sheer coverage for special occasions, I’d suggest sticking to a drugstore BB cream or foundation. $60 is definitely a splurge, and while I really love the the cushion compact and will add it to my list of suggested products, I wouldn’t say it’s the end-all, be-all. So, you know, do with that information what you will.