glow kit featuredAnyone who’s ever tried to master the art of the contour knows that finding the proper products is the first, and often the hardest, step in the process. It took me months to find the right bronzer for my skintone, only for me to realize that there are better products out there for contouring (TEMPTU‘s personal airbrush kitPIXI Beauty‘s Shape and Shadow Contour Powder, to name a few). Highlighters have been just as difficult to find: there are so many different formulas to choose from, so many varying shades of highlighter, and you always run the risk of looking too sparkly if you don’t pick the right one. It’s a hard-knock life for people who want to contour. But that’s all about to change, because Anastasia Beverly Hills has launched two new Glow Kits in honor of brand founder Anastasia Soare‘s birthday! Consider your search for the perfect highlighter over.

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That ABH launched these highlighter kits, while an unbelievably pleasant development, shouldn’t come as a surprise. The brand has practically had a monopoly on contour products ever since they released their Original Contour Kit. They’ve since moved on to cream contour kits and eyebrow contouring, and their Iluminators have been a favorite among the makeup community for a while now. But, in the wise words of Barney Stinson, new is always better, and these Glow Kits are no exception. The two kits, “Gleam” and “That Glow,”  are available for purchase on ABH’s website. Take a look:

glow kits

While it may appear at first glance that the two palettes are intended for two different skin tones, this actually isn’t the case. The shades are universal, but they’re also seasonal. Claudia Soare, President of Anastasia Beverly Hills, told Allure,

“I wanted to create the Gleam kit because I wanted to do something that reminded people of winter, so they could create that snow princess vibe. A lot of times we hear from our ultra-fair customers that gold and peach and bronze don’t work, and that she prefers a silvery highlighter. It’s a category that’s kind of ignored for fair-skinned girls.”

So while darker-skinner ladies might want to use Gleam for that winter-y glow and use That Glow for the rest of the year, fair-skinned girls have access to a palette that serves as an appropriate highlight shade all year round. That’s right: gone are the days of using highlighter thinking that you’ll be left with gorgeous light only to be disappointed by streaky, unreasonably dark highlight shades!

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Claudia went on to explain the interchangeable nature of the palette for all skin tones. She said,

“[The Glow Kits are] multifunctional in that you can wear any color as eye shadow or blush if it doesn’t work as a highlighter. The only color that I would say is ideal for a lighter skin tone is Crushed Pearl in the Gleam kit. In the That Glow kit, the Golden Bronze color is going to look good on anyone, whether it’s as a bronzer or a highlighter.”

Take a look at how the two palettes look on different skin tones:

glow kits swatches

Personally, I’d love to get my hands on Golden Bronze, Dripping in Gold, and Bubbly from the That Glow palette—they’d make for a pretty spectacular gold smokey eye. Other than that, these shades just might make for the perfect shimmery highlight I’ve been looking to add to my contour repertoire.

Each Glow Kit retails for $40. Shop them now on Anastasia Beverly Hills’ website!

Will you be adding these Glow Kits to your arsenal? Which palette do you prefer? Tell us in the comments!

(Photos: Instagram/Anastasia Beverly Hills)