? My kinda nude

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You might want to put down your new Anastasia Bevery Hills Pro Lip Palette Volume 1 just for a second because the brand has a new upcoming product that you’re going to want to know about.

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Hello Giggles reported that beauty blogger and Anastasia Beverly Hills president Claudia Sore recently posted a photo on Instagram teasing about a gorgeous new liquid lipstick color. In the pic, Claudia is wearing a blackened emerald green lipstick that has an edgy, magical vibe. If you’re a Slytherin at heart, this is the sort of lip color that would definitely appeal to you.

Claudia didn’t reveal too much in the post, besides captioning it, “My kinda nude.” However, Hello Giggles reports that the blackened green lipstick is part of the collection and it will be available this year. Unfortunately, we don’t have an exact date of when the lip color will launch, but fingers crossed it will be soon.

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Watch this space for more details and go back to playing with your Pro Lit Kit for the time being.