Trying to make 2018 ✨✨

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Anastasia Beverly Hills just keeps delivering one exciting thing after another. In the last week alone, there have been rumors about a possible skincare launch, the brand revealed its releasing bronzers and now it looks like there are Loose Glitter Pigments in the works.

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Norvina Claudia Soare, Anastasia Beverly Hills’ President, took to Instagram a few days ago to celebrate the New Year. Instead of posting any old photo, she uploaded a video of a range of shimmering pigments. She captioned the photo, “Trying to make 2018 ✨✨”


(Photo: Instagram/Norvina)

At the end of the video, we see some of the shimmering pigments swatched on an arm. We might only get a quick glimpse of them, but we can clearly see that these bad body are packed with prismatic sparkle.

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The video features a range of different sparkly shades in large containers. The colors we see include blue, gold, silver, turquoise and navy. Plus, there is a selection of makeup brushes in one shot.

There is no confirmation what product is being shown. It could be loose glitters or Norvina could be throwing us for a loop and the glitter could actually be part of something like a new palette or a glittery lipstick. We may not have details on what exactly the product is in the video, but we do know that something exciting is in the works.