Waxing. Ugh. Not a fun task. I’ve tried bleaching (my lip), wax strips (lip, bikini line), and hot wax (lip, bikini line). Take my advice, go straight for the hot wax. It’s so much easier and more effective. My daughter uses hot wax for her eyebrows, but I like to really control the shape, so I stick to tweezers.

Anastasia has a hot wax kit available at Sephora for only $12. The wax is a sugar-based wax that you heat in the microwave. The kit comes with a half ounce wax, 5 sticks, 14 muslin strips, and instructions.

It’s a simple process. You heat the wax in the microwave, then spread it across the area you want to wax with the stick, place the muslin strip over the wax, smooth it down, let it harden for a sec, hold your breath, pull your skin taut, and then RIP! that sucker off. Ouch. Afterward your skin will be smooth, hair-free and when you eyes finally stop watering you’ll say to  yourself, “Hhmm, that wasn’t so bad.”

This product was made without Parabens, Sulfates, synthetic dyes or fragrances, Petro-Chemicals, Phthalates, GMOs, or Triclosan.

Image credit: Sephora