Pejic by Steve Eichner via WWD

Great news for Andrej Pejic fans–and there are so many of you–he’s inked a major beauty deal. Pejic will star in ads for Kokorico, the first men’s fragrance from the house of Jean Paul Gaultier in 16 years. Though the gorgeous male model has served as muse to Gaultier for a few seasons now (and a few campaigns), this marks his first foray into high-profile beauty territory. The scent was released in France last summer with the equally gorgeous Jon Kortajarena fronting ads, while the new campaign was shot in Paris by British artist, photographer and DJ Matthew Stone.

Alas, just when we thought we had a Pejic story that didn’t make a crack about his andyogyny, WWD sums up their post with the cringey: “Gaultier’s office did not respond to inquiries, but it seems the fragrance may be launched to a wider market with Pejic as front man. Or perhaps front woman?”