We here at The Gloss have often gazed upon Andrej Pejic‘s angelic, fine boned, boyish-yet-girlish face and thought “kid, you oughta be in pictures.” Imagine our happiness, then, that this may actually come to pass!

The willowy male model has reportedly been approached to play the lead role in a film based on famed French intellectual Honoré de Balzac‘s 1834 novel Séraphita, which has previously been adapted for the stage. Set in Norway, the novel tells the tale of a melancholic being who is thought to be a man by one lover (with whom ze goes by Séraphitüs), and a woman by another, with whom ze goes by Seraphita. (“Ze” being a newfangled pronoun that’s quite helpful when referring to those with a non-traditional gender identity.) Also, there are fjords. In the end, it turns out the main character is a perfect androgyne born to parents who’ve successfully transcended their humanity(!) In other words, pretty much only Andrej Pejic could play this part.

The deal has yet to go through, but Pejic’s Paris agent Arnaud Vanbleus told fashion blog Frockwriter that Pejic is “interested” in the role, and has already met with director Florence Dewavrin about it. “He’s a phenomenon, that’s for sure – and he’s unique, there is only one,” Vanbleus said. “Everyone wants to have him. But the thing usually is, they either don’t have the budget or we’re not interested in the project.” That could probably be a metaphor for many things in Pejic’s life. Anyway, here’s hoping Andrej’s golden face sees the silver screen soon.

(Via Frockwriter)