The Out 100 is turning out to be a delightful wellspring of fashion world gossip.

This latest morsel comes from fashion world darling Andrej Pejic, who is shaping up to be the spunkiest genderfucking personality since David Bowie. Says Pejic of his fellow male models:

“Most male models have girlfriends, but backstage, when no one is looking, they like to pinch me.”

What are they, a bunch of drunk uncles? I don’t know that a stealthy pinching has ever earned anyone anything but a slap in the face, model status notwithstanding. Then again, I get the sense that Pejic kind of likes the attention, so maybe it works on some people? It just sounds so…unpleasant. (Please correct me if you’ve ever been pinched and liked it.)

Anyway, male models: totes homoerotic with one another. Who knew?

(Via Out)