Andrej Pejic–the endlessly beautiful Serbian-Australian model–has landed the cover of New York Magazine’s Fall fashion issue* and, in the accompanying profile, continues to establish himself as one of the more thoughtful, well-spoken and good-humored models working today. The whole piece is worth a read and bursting with anecdotes and stories of interest to Pejic’s many fans: beginning with an anecdote about a macho stranger mistaking Pejic for a woman (which doesn’t sound unusual); that Pejic was placed on both the men’s and women’s boards at Next; Pejic reflects on his childhood; and we learn he eats giant bowls of pasta. All the way, he’s candid and thoughtful about his own ideas regarding gender and how the fashion industry has chosen to represent him (“I guess professionally I’ve left my gender open to artistic interpretation”).

But! But we also learn that one time he tried to fake a pregnancy and was thwarted in the process:

“You know how those Victoria’s Secret models, they have a baby and then they pop it out and then the next week, they’re skinny and they’re shooting and they’re on the runway?” Pejic paused for dramatic effect. “Well, I was going to do it in a day. That was the idea.” Having told his agents to alert the press to “a surprise,” he’d arrived at the airport with a foam-filled baby bump, only to be apprehended at customs by officers who thought he might be smuggling drugs in his belly.

“And then did they let you keep it?” Werts asked of the phantom child.

“They let me keep it!”

*An honor he shares with Isabella Rossellini and Elettra Wiedemann, Shala Monroque, China Machado

(Read the whole profile over at NYMag)