Accessories brand ADEEN has wisely tapped everyone’s favorite androgynous male model Andrej Pejic for its newest campaign. In it, he wears a strappy bikini and a hat that says “CUNT” on it, but not for the reason you think. There’s also a sexy video!

The queer-focused brand produces, among other things, accessories shaped like cute little butts, so what better to put their goods on than the cutest, littlest, butt of them all, that of Andrej Pejic? And according to ADEEN’s website, the hat says “CUNT” in an homage to Rupaul, who holds that in order to succeed on his show Drag Race, “one must always have Charisma, Uniqueness Nerve and Talent!” That is so true.

I’m not quite sure what’s going on in these photos, but I like it. Masks, straps, a hat that says “CUNT”…they’ve got all the ingredients for a good time.

And here’s the video:

[vimeo_old video=”37930918″]

CUNT: A Black and White Series by ADEEN from Nunnies World on Vimeo.

So very pretty.

(Via Fashionista)