angelina jolie maleficent entertainment weekly coverAngelina Jolie‘s on the cover of this week’s Entertainment Weekly in her full Maleficent ensemble, in promotion for the movie’s May 30th release. As we’ve mentioned (more than once, come to think of it), the makeup job that turned Jolie into Sleeping Beauty’s evil queen is absolutely fantastic. This cover is the clearest look of Maleficent that we’ve seen yet, and Jolie looks evil alien-sexy. She could kill you with one snap of her fingers but you’d just be happy she looked at you.

The prosthetics giving Jolie those unimaginably pointed cheekbones are a pretty incredible translation of the illustrated Maleficent onto a real person. While the makeup is obviously meant to be over the top and fanciful, the team behind turning Jolie into Maleficent did an incredible job making us suspend our disbelief (it probably didn’t hurt that Jolie basically looks like that in real life, albeit less alien). She doesn’t look costume-y. She just looks like an evil villain who’s seen some shit.

For Disney’s new interpretation of Sleeping Beauty, they’re doing the whole bit from super villain Maleficent’s point of view. As Jolie put it:

“The exercise wasn’t how can we have fun with a villain? It was: What turns people evil and vile and aggressive and cruel? What could have possibly happened to her?”

That sounds utterly terrifying, and when you take into account how upsettingly sexy Jolie is in her evil Maleficent costume, it’s the exact type of psychosexual nightmare I love to watch in my free time. As our editor, Jenni, aptly put it, “this movie is going to change the way we have nightmares.” Sleep tight!

Photo: Entertainment Weekly