anna nicole smith

Anna Nicole Smith is getting a Lifetime biopic, wherein she’ll be portrayed by Agnes Bruckner.

Burcker, who has previously appeared in Blood and Chocolate (which is a movie about love, but, also, werewolves) says that she’s proud to be playing Anna because:

“There were so many different layers to her. She was so iconic and kind of larger than life… what was the most outrageous thing about Anna Nicole? Her whole life, to be honest. Weight gain! And then lost it. She was messy and crazy and then really put together at times.”

Look, Agnes, that’s everyone. Those qualities are the blood and chocolate of life.

I am not sure those qualities made Anna Nicole Smith iconic so much as they made her a pretty good Trimspa spokesperson, briefly.

She goes on to explain that she has researched her. Don’t we all… remember Anna Nicole Smith? Doesn’t this seem, somehow, too early for this? Or else, too late? Well, what the hell, it will give us something to watch after Liz and Dick is over. Will you watch it? Don’t pretend with me. Of course you’ll watch it.

Picture via Buzzfeed