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Red hair is the best hair, isn’t it? Nicole Kidman and Lindsay Lohan seem to prefer being blondes, but as far as I’m concerned, red hair is fantastic. It’s the most rare hair color and is rumored to be gradually going extinct, but that’s OK because hair coloring technology is improving every day. If redheads do disappear, nobody will notice because of all the perfect dye jobs running around.

Still, having red hair–natural or otherwise–creates a few unique experiences. If you’re a redhead, you’ll probably know what I’m talking about.

1. When people ask you if that’s your natural hair color.


2. When people tell you you can’t wear red.

giphy-123. How annoying those “best colors for you” articles are when all the answers are dumb colors like mustard and olive.

giphy-134. That misguided childhood phase when you insisted you were not a redhead, you were a “strawberry blonde.”

giphy-265. How awesome it is to go into the Pre-Raphaelite section at the museum.


Actually that’s not annoying at all, that’s awesome.

6. That envy when you see a redhead who can get a tan. 

giphy-197. That feel when you see a non-natural redhead whose color is better than yours.

giphy-158. When you go to the salon and pay a lot of money to get your hair dyed a slightly different shade of red.

giphy-289. When you have done that and someone asks you if you are a natural redhead and you do not know how to answer.

giphy-2710. When people ask you if the carpets match the drapes.


11. I mean, seriously.


12. Do they think we do not know what they are asking us about? 


What do they expect us to say, “Oh, you’re so creative and not at all a weirdo asking questions about my vagina”?

13. What you think your face looks like with no makeup on.

giphy-2214. Feeling guilty for contributing to the extinction of redheads by procreating with someone with a mess of dominant genes.

giphy-2415. You feel personally betrayed when a famous redhead goes blonde.

giphy-2516. When you hear other people say they don’t wear sunscreen.

giphy-2317. When another redhead shows up and you’re like, “OK, one of us is going to have to leave.”

giphy-2118. Really wanting to try a cool new hair color like pink or blue or purple, but being unable to shake the feeling that red is too valuable to throw away.  

giphy-3019. People assuming your hair color is a personality trait.giphy-20

I’m not fiery. I don’t have a temper. I just want to drink wine, order delivery sushi, and watch Adventure Time for 26 hours.

20. What is the deal with redhead fetishists, anyway?


21. Knowing someday you will go gray and won’t be able to dye it back to anything approaching your current hair color. 


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