A new product called Neotensil is being heralded as a game changer in the fight against aging, so much so that it’s being compared to “Spanx for your face.” Jennifer Aniston is apparently heavily involved, and I will basically do anything to my body that she tells me to do, so that seems like a smart choice.

Despite blanket approval of anything Aniston does, I can’t imagine anything more painful than a pair of Spanx on my face. Let’s get to the bottom of this thing.

What is “Spanx for your face?”

Neotensil is an anti-aging skincare treatment meant to reduce a typical sign of aging: puffy and saggy skin, especially around the eyes. In science terms, it’s a “wearable polymer film that mimics young skin’s strength and elasticity” and “sits atop loose skin and reshapes it.” The effect lasts for 16 hours, at which point you turn back into a pumpkin and go home.

Who’s behind this?

Neotensil is made by Living Proof, a beauty company that’s technology is researched in an MIT scientist’s lab. Living Proof is a lot more like a pharmaceutical company than your average beauty brand; in fact Neotensil is based off of a product called Strateris, which was developed by a Dr. Betty Yu, an expert in trans-dermal drug delivery. This is a lot more than a face cream.

Living Proof also counts Jennifer Aniston as both a spokesperson for the company’s haircare line and a co-owner of the company.

Is Jen actually involved?

Apparently, yes. She’s been a spokesperson for Living Proof since 2012, but the company wanted her to have a bigger interest and stake, so she became a co-owner last year. She’s not just a silent partner–she’s been known to get involved with business and product decisions, including talking “the team out of changing the shampoo’s fragrance” and helping design their upcoming storefront.

How can I get it on my face?

Neotensil isn’t an over-the-counter beauty treatment, so you actually have to go into a doctor’s office and get a prescription. It’s also not cheap–$500 will get you seven weeks of fresh, new, young skin.

Does the “Spanx for your face” comparison hold up?

Based on the fact that the product compresses and reshapes your face skin, it does sound like the Spanx comparison is a solid one. In fact, it would be cheaper to tape some Spanx material to your under eyes and call it a day.

Photo: Jag Gundu/Getty Images