memorial day recipe

A friend of mine is hosting a Memorial Day party. Normally, I’m all “I’m Christian Grey, I brough some Bolly for you to drink out of teacups” except the Bolly is generally… I don’t know. Cava? The one in the orange bottle. And the teacups are almost certainly those red cups. However, it occurs to me that there has been enough alcohol at this friend’s parties 100% of the time and there has been food maybe 15% of the time, so I’m bringing food.

Also, I need something to write about.

I thought of baking a pie, because the quiche went over well, and I can do pies, but I think at a rooftop party it’s going to be hard for people to slice apart pieces of pie. So we need something that people can pick up and nibble. Maybe something somewhat patriotic that is also very, very easy? So, not the cake-pops pictured, those look like a nightmare.