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This is one product that I’ve known and used since I was a kid and was conscious about scars. I can’t recall who recommended it (most likely my mum) and I used it religiously for sometime.

Here in the Philippines, Sebo De Macho became a household name when it comes to scar removals. Most of the individuals who have used it can attest to its effectiveness while there are some who have been grossly disappointed. I’ve been searching for studies done on it but I failed to find one. I only have memories of some scars disappearing and others lightened but not thoroughly removed.


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Sebo De Macho is made of an oily substance, most likely kept at a sebum state, and is generously applied onto the surface of the skin where the scar is located. Generally, it’s recommended for scar types that are just darkened skin and not the ones that skin has regenerated (or something to that effect). As far as I remember, it causes the skin to lighten, making the skin tone even.

It’s best to keep in mind that the ointment is not a magical tool that will erase scars. What it does is to make it less prominent (for large-sized ones) and will cause the dark skin around scars to lighten. Though some scars will indeed be removed, though will only depend on its size and type and if application is done on a regular basis.

Time frame for application is not determined or unknown to the author.

If you are interested to give this product a go, you can buy Apollo Sebo De Macho for $1.99 over at

For the rest of you beauties who have already tested it, let us know just how effective (or ineffective) it is. Perhaps you can even share some tips on your use (frequency and such) so we can all learn from each other’s insights.