My friend Brad emailed me after he first spent the night at his now-girlfriend’s apartment: “I think she’s a shower alcoholic.” Translation? She had so many empty and half-empty bottles in her shower that it looked like a longtime boozer’s detritus. Of course, the bottles were shampoo and body wash instead of tequila and gin, but you get the idea.

While I certainly have my own fair share of products occupying the available corners of my shower, I am pretty strict about throwing stuff out once I have to shake it upside down while simultaneously banging it on my palm in order to get anything out of it, but that’s as much to do with my lack of coordination before having had caffeine in the morning as it does with my desire to pare down and toss stuff when it’s empty. But because I get samples from work and because my boyfriend doesn’t like most of my girly-smelling stuff and totes his own more dude-approved products, it does occasionally look like somebody went on a beauty bender in my bathroom.

So, am I a shower alcoholic? Are you?