aug2008-allure-free-stuff I am sure you already have your August issue of Allure, and are working the free stuff each and every weekday, right???  How the heck else are you going to get to try all the goodies?

In case you need a reminder, since we are almost halfway though the month, every weekday, through August 31, Allure is doing tons of giveaways – like usually 5 or six a day.  Most of it is beauty loot (duh, it’s Allure), but they have a few great designer fashion items as well. 

To get in on the goodies, go to every day.  My preferred method of dealing with all of this fun is to sign up for the alerts from Allure – text “FREE STUFF” to short code ALLURE (255873).  You will get an alert 30 minutes before each and every giveaway begins.  Perfection, if you ask me.

Have you gotten anything good yet this month?  Let me know!!

Image:, used with permission