My father was diagnosed with high blood pressure & high cholesterol at the young age of 35. He immediately changed his diet, cut out his sodium intake and had to take medication to regulate his health issues.  After his diagnosis his motto was “Your body is like a car engine.  If you don’t maintain it won’t run properly.”  Unfortunately, I didn’t always listen to my father.


Aster Elliott, a Health & Wellness Specialist at Dr. Celia Brown’s skin-renaissance office in Woodland Hills, Ca., introduced me to a whole new way of eating that could change the way my body was functioning from the inside out.  I had no idea that certain fruits & veggies should only be organic.  She told me, “all of the chemicals and pesticides put stress on your body which in return makes your body work twice as hard to get rid of them.  This overload can ultimately attack your immune system and then you open yourself up to free radicals attacking you as well.

After meeting with Aster my boyfriend and I decided to clear out our fridge.  We wanted to start fresh by buying healthier foods.  Now we go to the local Farmers Market to buy organic fruits and vegetables as well as to support our local farmers.  Both of us feel better already.

Aster is available for consults and has a wide range of profile testing which include:  Adrenal Stress Test, Food Sensitivity, Estrogen Ratio, Detoxification Capacity, Metabolic Profile, Bone Resorption, Dysbiosis Profile, Fatty Acid Profile, and Amino Acid. At your initial consult Aster will determine which tests you need.  She really is amazing.  I feel so lucky to have met her and I’ve already sent several of my friends to see her.

For more information or questions visit   Aster Elliott or call 818-849-2004