We’re typically ready for any kind of nap. But from now on, we’ll be expecting to float in them, because we don’t want to just be comatose, we want to be comatose the way the Jetsons were comatose. Or, as close as we can get. At a spa. In a chair.According to the owner of the Yelo Spa:

“The Yelo chair is a zero gravity chair that will put your legs slightly above your head…that will change the blood flow of people, as well as the center of gravity- so it’s going to relieve your lower back,” Ronco said…. “When people leave here they don’t feel disoriented, like, I don’t know what happened…they feel they came back to life, but they feel rested.”

Well, the disorientation sounds cool? We’re typically okay with just napping in say, and easy chair, but we’re hoping that this might give us astronaut dreams. Would you try it?