56th GRAMMY Awards - Arrivals

Today is Ariana Grande‘s 21st birthday. While she’s surely thrilled to be able to legally drink now, we’re sure she will never love anything in the world as much as her giant ponytail. But in honor of her birthday, let’s all celebrate by taking our ponytail games to the next level with these 15 excellent styling tutorials.

1. The super-long pony

7b67a72d572ed460f08ca4f1c562e187Stacking one ponytail on top of another will make your ponytail look way longer and thicker than it is.

2. The inside-out pony

fc7e2f6eb806b265c148a2df761efa87This is totally the ponytail Lady Mary would wear if she were going to wear a ponytail.

3. The secret butterfly clip pony

54402915a270abcdcb839dd7115d7d95This butterfly clip is doing the work of a Bumpit to add a ton of volume to this pony.

4. 1950s ponytail

46c8d16ede83d41e51f723412d187b5eThis one looks just like it came off the head of a vintage Barbie doll.

5. Boho ponytail

1e4df977ea80c7c320fbd7ad543710bbI think this one is my favorite, and not just because the model is a redhead.

6. The tiered ponytail

166dee1d19cc2b7f784a699c001ae4afBack in the late 80s my friend’s cool older sister wore her hair like this, and we all thought it was the sickest thing ever.

7. Ponytail extensions

5ae0685f16fc3d6ffe091c3954955f61There’s no way Ariana Grande’s ponytail actually grows out of her head like that. She’s almost certainly wearing 100 pounds of fake hair, and you can too.

8. Giant ponytail

cb835b497b8619c569706a445f81e9d0This one is pretty close to Ariana Grande-level height and volume.

9. Messy ponytail 

7f11198070a2313f46113503b635937aI am one of those people who actually has to be told how to do a messy ponytail. Somehow my attempts always come out smooth and boring, but these pictures should help.

10. Scarf ponytail

3cd5435f6a227cd1732a97168b8e24e0This is just adorable.

11. Hair-wrapped ponytail

f8c65ed3b55058601f58f1391baea7ecWrapping a bit of hair around your ponytail elastic instantly makes it look fancy and intentional.

12. Side ponytail

eb39a11eb42649c3e57e7f60d08569cdThe side pony is the best pony, isn’t it?

13. Bouffant ponytail

67530482e29f5ed9bdb8d26b24bb5044Or maybe the bouffant ponytail is the best ponytail …

14. Knot ponytail

2119a09d2e0766ca2602bed8b2618b14This one just looks perfectly effortless. Everyone will think you’re French.

15. The Bardot ponytail

4874362fcb8981916147653b2b993b09Brigitte Bardot’s ponytail may be the only ponytail more famous than Ariana Grande’s.