We like to talk about relatable fashion and beauty from popular runway shows here at The Gloss, but every now and again it’s just fun to highlight some of the wilder looks. Take the bright, colorful universe presented by Ashish Gupta at London Fashion Week. Have you ever seen such a gorgeous rainbow of shimmery clothes and extreme afros? If so, please point me in that direction, because that’s where I would like to live for the rest of my life.

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Every single one of Ashish’s pieces rival even those of Jeremy Scott in terms of their outrageous nature, but do so in a somehow subtle way. Each piece in this latest collection is either monochromatic or holographic, and as if they weren’t show-stopping enough on their own, Ashish styled each model with matching afro wig and understated makeup. The overall effect is beyond eye-catching:

ashish models

Before I start in on the obvious outlier of these looks, let’s just talk about the pieces themselves. They are, of course far outside the realm of ready-to-wear, but a not-so-small part of me really wants one of these to show up on an awards show red carpet. Maybe not the Oscars, or something that’s traditionally meant to be a classy, glamorous affair, but maybe the MTV Movie Awards or the Video Music Awards. Just an idea.

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But let’s talk about the obvious: the hair and makeup design. I love seeing a designer put out something that’s as bright and fun, beauty-wise, as the pieces in his collection are. Too often, we see designers shy away from pushing the limits of beauty in favor of showcasing their designs, or worrying about offending a community at large and being accused of cultural appropriation. While I’m all for cultural sensitivity and treating the beauty traditions of all groups with respect, I think Ashish’s decision to present rainbow-colored afros (which, no doubt, will receive some flack from at least one person, since this is the Internet and we can’t have nice things) presents a real return to fashion as it once was. Not all fashion is here to make a cultural statement. While I don’t think it’s necessarily accurate to call Ashish’s show just some pretty clothes, sometimes a pretty and visually interesting show is just meant to be a pretty and visually interesting show.

Really, you have to admire Ashish’s attention to detail here. The main color of each piece is carried throughout the look, from the clothes and shoes to the hair and lipstick, and he pulled it off with apparent ease and whimsy. And given the fact that LFW always tends to be a bit bolder than New York Fashion Week, I think it was the perfect venue.

Well done, Ashish. Keep doing you, and I’ll work on rocking a bubblegum pink sequined sweatsuit.

(Photos: Getty Images)