Today’s Haircare Tip:

I know that we want to grow our hair as quickly as possible and we just might be tempted to forgo the 6 week trims, but that is just asking for trouble. Split ends is a big problem with long hair and if ignored, they can travel up the hairshaft and and at some point, you are going to have to cut off more than you originally wanted to do in the first place.

So what are split ends anyway?? Apparently the protective cuticle at the bottom of the hair breaks down and the hair begins to split. As I said, left to its own devices the split can travel and that’s when you’ll begin to notice that your hair doesn’t quite look as healthy as it once did. And that is putting it nicely.

I doubt that Ashley Tisdale would ignore the ends of her hair. Actually, she probably has very little to say about it. Whoever takes care of her hair simply takes care of the potential problem on a regular basis.

*And no, there is no product on the market that I know of that will fix the problem permanently. Ignore that claim!