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Here’s a name you probably haven’t thought about in a while: Ashley Tisdale. You remember her, right? She was in High School Musical, which, in case you weren’t paying attention, just had its tenth glorious anniversary? Well, ever since I awkwardly photobombed Ashley at Lauren Conrad‘s runway show during New York Fashion Week last year, I’ve found myself thinking about her about once a month, just wondering what she’s doing. Turns out, Ashley’s working on a makeup collection with BH Cosmetics. So, you know, insert some poor joke about how ~*fabulous*~ it’ll be.

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According to WWD, the Illuminate by Ashley Tisdale collection, set to launch in May, will feature two eyeshadow and blush palettes, six lip glosses, and six lip and cheek tints, all ranging in price from $9 to $18. BH Cosmetics’ director of product development, Reed Cromwell, said:

“The cool thing about Ashley is she’s been in the [entertainment] industry since she was a kid, so she’s been in the makeup chair for many years. She knows makeup and she knows texture. It was a match made in heaven. It wasn’t just a celebrity coming to put their name on something. She’s challenged me to come up with new ideas and innovation.”

I guess all those years on the Disney channel were worth more than just all the free, kitschy clothes I imagine she got to take home.

Tisdale apparently came in with very specific ideas for what she wanted her collection to be like. She told WWD,

“I’m someone who loves makeup—I love doing my own makeup and getting my makeup done—and I had specific ideas for what I wanted the palettes to look like so they would represent me. I love the whole California beachy look, and I love glowy bronze. I think makeup is supposed to illuminate you. Hence, the title Illuminate.”

To go along with the beachy, glowy vibe, Tisdale favored rose gold for the majority of the packaging (most likely to match her new rose gold-colored hair). Check it out:

ashley tisdale makeup

(Instagram/Ashley Tisdale)

Both Cromwell and Tisdale wanted to focus on creating highly pigmented products that enhance the skin, rather than completely cover it up. They’ve also both expressed an interest in expanding upon this initial collaboration, potentially with a skincare line, though that’s all far off in the distant future.

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If you haven’t heard of BH Cosmetics before, I’d definitely suggest looking into the brand before this collection comes out later this year. It’s considered a cult favorite among most beauty vloggers, and its wallet-friendly price point combined with amazing pigmentation and staying power among all of its products makes it a real hidden gem in the makeup world. It’s a pretty smart move, business-wise, on Tisdale’s part to team up with a beauty brand that has such a strong cult following: it’ll likely be picked up by the beauty vloggers when it first comes out, and once that happens, it’s only a matter of time until it hits the mainstream beauty markets.

Of her decision to finally make this move into beauty (despite her previous, rather quiet collaboration with the now-defunct Club Libby Lu’s Pink Twinkle line), Tisdale said,

“When I turned 30, I had a moment where I realized that if I wanted to do something, I should just go for it.  In the past, I had fears. I would ask myself, ‘Am I ready to do a makeup line? Am I ready to do clothing?’ I never wanted to hurt my acting career, but now I realize you can do it all.”

I’ll leave you all with these final thoughts, courtesy of Ashley Tisdale herself:

[youtube_iframe id="iAvtrOwRwjk"]

That is all.