There are innovations and exciting things happening all the time in beauty. One of the biggest things to come forth in recent times is astrology beauty. Just think of the number of makeup brands that have gotten in on the trend. If you’ve expanded your beauty collection with every launch, we have something new for you to try — and it isn’t a product. Astrology nail art has emerged as a key trend for Fall 2018.

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It makes sense when you think about how we’ve seen so many interpretations of the theme. There have been some zodiac-themed nail polishes, including Julep‘s collection, but astrology nail art adds a little extra magic. And Glamour reports that it’s catching on.

What’s brilliant about the trend is that it’s something that those who aren’t professionals at nail art can still do. It’s the wearers decision whether they want to bedazzle their nails with stars, moons, star sign constellations, symbols, glitter, or a mix of the above. The design can be as complicated or as minimal as you like. And if you’re really struggling, there are always nail wraps, decals and stamps.

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Scroll down to see some beautiful examples of astrology nail art:

1. Matte Black Background With Sun And Stars

The matte black polish presents a new effect.


2. Black And White Astrology Nails

The black nail polish with silver glitter genuinely looks like a night sky.


3. White Nails With Minimalist Embellished Star Signs

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Do you recognize your sign?


4. Black And Gold Astrology Nails

You can put almost all of the zodiac symbols on your digits.


5. Blue And Shimmering Pearl Star-Embellished Astrology Nails

Using star-shaped glitter can make your life so much easier.


6. Embellished Ivory And Red Astrology Nails

This color combination is so rich.