A lot of us hope that summer will last for-ev-er, but the changing of the seasons isn’t all bad. One big benefit about the changing of summer to fall is that it means that pumpkin spice season is back. And the 2017 pumpkin spice season is gearing up with the launch of the Atlantic Fizz Pumpkin Spice Bath Bomb ($40).

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Last year, we had pumpkin spice nails, pumpkin spice sneakers, pumpkin spice highlighter and even pumpkin spice hair. This year, Atlantic Fizz is giving us some pumpkin spice in the tub with the delicious-smelling bath bomb. According to the brand’s website, the bath bomb is made with food-grade baking soda, citric acid, and a pinch of sea salt, just like the rest of the bath bombs in the range. Except this one obviously has the zesty pumpkin spice kick.


Photos of the bath bomb show a pale orange sphere which appears to fade into an autumnal golden yellow when it’s in the tub.

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If a pumpkin spice bath bomb isn’t enough fall for you, Atlantic Fizz also has a Harvest Apple Bath Bomb ($4) which evokes spicy apples with a hint of pumpkin.

(Photos: Atlantic Fizz)