If you’re a fan of Tarte, listen up. We’re actually not here to talk about a new product launch for the brand this time. We’re here to talk about its newish sister skincare line, Awake. If you’re not familiar with it, it’s time to get familiar because the brand combines natural skincare with Japanese skincare innovation to produce some adorably packaged products.

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Awake is recently going viral because of a big relaunch. The “relaunch” part is key as the brand isn’t brand-spanking new. As Awake points out on its website, Tarte’s founder Maureen Kelly actually launched Tarte next to Awake at Herni Bendell‘s 17 years ago. She admired the Japanese beauty brand’s use of botanicals. As fate would have it, Awake became Tarte’s sister brand in 2014 and Maureen was able to collaborate with Awake’s team in Tokyo to create innovative skincare products for customers across the globe.

Awake is all about having energized, refreshed skin and looking well-rested. The company even has the tagline “Bottled Beauty sleep.” (See why it’s called “Awake?”) The product range includes skincare products to help you fake a full eight hours of sleep along with a few makeup products.

The products are a similar price point to Tarte’s. They range from $16 to $38 and all come in Instagram-worthy packaging with cute ditsy prints. There are options for every step in your skincare routine including a Dream Dewdrops Shimmer Serum ($38) that delivers a gorgeous glow while hydrating skin and the Ray of Bright Radiance Moisturizer ($26) which helps enliven dull complexions.

That brand also has a number of “concentrates” such as the Pore Down Tightening Concentrate ($38) and the Hydra Shot Antioxidant Concentrate ($38). The products target different skincare concerns such as enlarged pores, dehydration and free radicals. The concentrates are meant to be applied to clean skin before moisturizer, like a toner.

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All of the products are available to shop now from the Awake website. Try something today and see how Awake compares to its sister brand. You might just have even more love for the family.