Bad Photoshop for an Amazon maternity dress model

Another day, another freak Photoshop accident that has left a woman with misshapen body parts. In this case, the victim is a pregnant model whose feet have been removed and reattached to her body in the most Frankenstein of manners.

As PS Disasters points out (while using an excellent “strange things afoot” pun), there seems something a little off about this maternity dress’s wearer and how she’s standing. Namely, her feet are facing the entirely wrong direction. (In the event she’s actually some fantastical Cirque Du Soleil performer who gets her kicks creeping people out by looking totally disconnected, then my apologies to the dress’s photo team.) I am not entirely certain how this could have happened, but then again, I’m no doctor–though apparently, whomever edited this photo isn’t, either. Oh, and if you go to the actual dress’s page on Amazon, you can see this poor model’s disjointed body in eight different colors of prom dress for pregnancy!

To be fair, at least the got the back part right:

Amazon maternity dress model bad Photoshop

On the bright side, this does not appear to be one of those times when a company wants so badly for its model to fit a specific body mold that it winds up destroying both the woman’s body and the image’s logic in the process (see: the corset that leads to bending space and time). That type of photo editing, which celebrities like Lorde have been increasingly speaking out against, is more frustrating than anything. This type of bad Photoshop, however, is just sort of hilarious–a much better alternative.

[H/T Photoshop Disasters]