Miss Czech Republic Gabriela Frank was the victim of bad photoshop.

Photo: Super.Cz

A great deal of bad Photoshop cases are the result of unrealistic standards for women. This is something we all know. Whether a magazine wants to create “flawless skin” that winds up looking like IRL Barbie flesh or a retailer wishes its mannequins weren’t so dern fat or that a celebrity were simply another celebrity altogether, many instances of awful (and general, let’s be honest) photo editing stem from an ideal that females need to look like, even if it’s physically impossible. But then sometimes, bad photoshop is just bad photoshop, and in those cases, it’s way more hilarious than frustrating.

A Czech news site attempted to conceal some sort of mishap toward the bottom of Miss Czech Republic Gabriela Frank‘s bikini, but wound up just making a big ol’ blurry mess. I think they were trying to cover up something, at least, and yet it seems they were also trying to thin out her right leg’s upper thigh for no particular reason.

Miss Czech Republic Gabriela Frank was the victim of bad photoshop.

And on a very amusing side note, when translated via Google Chrome, the title of the article is: “These are the most beautiful ass Czech: Learn how to look beautiful in mini Speedos winners of Miss Czech.” Please remind me to always, always say “most beautiful ass Czech” when I’m feeling good, mmk?

Oh, and the last sentence of the article translates to this:

Check out our photo gallery, as the most beautiful kittens Czech suits swimsuit. These tails let no man calm.


Anyway, perhaps with this model’s newfound ability to blur solid matter could be matched up with this one’s power to bend space and time while wearing a corset, making them the most peculiarly useless superheroes possible. To be fair, those are things none of us actually can do, so perhaps this counts as contributing to unrealistic standards for women after all.

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