Most of the time when we discuss terrible photoshop jobs, the situations involve making people look thinner–even when those people are already thin models, or even supermodels. This time, however, the matter at hand is a bit different in that the model was actually made to look curvier. To be fair, they also trimmed her waist down a bit, but still–it has led to a slightly new type of awful photoshop-wise!

The model is for the “Zeagoo Womens Bandage Dress Bodycon Dress One Shoulder Dresses” on Amazon, which is almost decent English and not just a jumble of nouns and adjectives. While the model is a very pretty lady, the company apparently decided she needed more curves, as well as a bit of angular jutting out at the hips:

Amazon-dress-bad-photoshop 2

On the bright side, she kind of looks like a Sim, or perhaps one of the characters in N64 Goldeneye. On the not-so-bright side, she does not even look like a human being anymore because this is simply not what human beings look like.

All horrible e-butchering aside, this dress is also approximately the worst ever, with its silly boob window and even sillier hip perforation. Seriously, who is wearing this dress and with what kind of underwear? And is Zeagoo attempting to actually sell this as a curve-enhancer or did they simply think that it might market better if they crossed Joan Holloway’s hourglass figure with Frankenstein’s fashion sense? Oh and BTW, it comes in multiple colors including Ectoplasm Green, Semi-Transparent White and Failed Figure Skater Purple.

Bad photoshop Zeagoo green dress

It’s only $10ish dollars, but that is a full $10 you could be spending on food and booze rather than the absence of your skeletal structure.

If only they had decided to just photoshop Zooey Deschanel‘s eyes onto this poor girl. Now that might have added some sexy/fun/ultra-creeptastic drama to the image, whereas this just makes her look like a shark decided to nibble at her for a little while and then got bored.

[h/t PS Disasters]