This Nordstrom Lingerie Model's Elbow Gets Broken In Horrible Photoshop Accident

One of our favorite things around these parts is bad photoshop, as there simply never seems to be an end to the awful butchering of people’s bodies in photos via designers, magazines and more. Today’s case involves a young Nordstrom Rack lingerie model who has found herself in a bit of an awkward place, what with her elbow looking like it hopes to someday soon depart from her body.

The image is for the Affinitas Hannah Balconet Padded Bra, and while the floral bra with violet lace trim and the matching panties are very lovely, just looking at the way her elbow bone’s were e-hacked makes me a little sad. Her elbow appears to have been awkward chopped and cropped at an angle via some heavy-handed photoshopping. She is hands down a stunning lady, of course, but her skin has been airbrushed past the point of no return and she’s starting to inch up the Uncanny Valley because of it.

Photoshop has a long history of impacting women’s bodies and making them look like they simply must be injured in order to exist the way they are being shown. Whether the brand decides to switch around a model’s legs, disconnect her feet or give her the thigh gap from hell, the worst wizards of photoshop are famous for botched body jobs. On the bright side, at least this time the model’s broken, protruding limb was not cut out like a paper doll. On the not-so-bright side, we should really stop virtually breaking model’s limbs.

[h/t PS Disasters]