Benefit’s new BADGal blue mascara came into my inbox the other day. At first I blew off the email, I mean blue mascara? Didn’t I wear that in 1988 or something? I even remember wearing it in my hair (remember Pizzaz?)

However, what caught my eye was the benefits of wearing blue mascara that Benefit listed in the email.


*Makes eyes appear brighter.
*Makes the whites of your eyes appear whiter.
*Makes hazel eyes appear greener.

I am always looking for things to enhance my eyes because I so love my hazel eyecolor. Of course, I started using a well known trick that I will talk about when I write my review of Lumiere mineral makeup. However, what can be bad about further enhancing your eyes?

Am I wrong to think I will look too retro wearing blue mascara and be ridiculed by high schoolers as a thirty-something trying to relive her youth? Or will people be too busy remarking on how awesome my eyes look?

To purchase or not? What do you think?

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