Do you know about Bagelheads? You might–we discovered them at a bar about a year ago while discussing weird beauty trends*, Vice posted about them around then, connoisseurs of extreme body modifications know the drill–but National Geographic’s Taboo just did a feature on them. A really graphic feature!

The idea is simple: you fill your head with medical saline solution and then press shapes into the resulting growth–usually to make a ring. You then resemble a bagel with a human face on its butt:

Per Vice, Ryoichi “Keroppy” Maeda is the man responsible for the trend, so we’ll let him explain how the bagelheads came to be:

When did saline infusions start to get popular?
Well, actually, I happened to meet Jerome, who was the person who pioneered saline infusions, at Modcon in 1999. Modcon is an extreme body modification convention and it just happened to come to Japan that year so I went to cover it for Burst. I got talking to Jerome and we stayed in contact, then eventually I experienced saline with him in 2003 and he gave me permission to bring it to Japan, so I set up a team in Tokyo to administer infusions for other people. That’s been going since 2007.

So you’re the man responsible for bringing it to the masses. How does the whole process work?
It’s quite easy – we use medical saline solution and using infusion we pump it into the forehead for about two hours, or until it’s ready.

The bagel only lasts for a night (good thing? bad thing?) and Maeda swears that, post-deflation, the skin doesn’t sag as a result. As to the question of why people want to do this, we cannot say (but we’re pretty vanilla when it comes to injecting shit into your body to make cool shapes).

If you really need to, you can watch the process courtesy Taboo:


*This statement isn’t intended to be like, “I knew about this waaaay before anyone else,” more like, “This is what I do with my freetime.”

(via Jezebel)