Well, she attended Cannes, first off.

Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez have split–after some cryptic tweets and a pap sighting or two, rumor mills place the blame squarely on the beautiful shoulders of 19-year-old fashion (and lingerie!) model Barbara Palvin. Apparently Bieber got a little too close to the doe-eyed brunette while performing at the hallucinatory nightmare that is the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show and the pair subsequently took in Lion King on Broadway. …Which means you’ll probably be hearing a lot about Palvin in the coming weeks–before hordes of Beliebers tear her limb from willowy limb. Here’s a primer on Palvin’s brief but impressive career.


1. She’s Hungarian (born October 8th, 1993 in Budapest)


2. She was discovered at 13 on the streets of Budapest


3. She modeled (with great success) in the Asian market for a while…


4. …Before signing with IMG


5. An early breakthrough was shooting the cover of L’Officiel


6. She debuted at Milan Fashion Week as a Prada exclusive


7. She’s done some solid runway work:


8. Including Chanel (like the Spring 2011 Haute Couture show)


9. This probably had something to do with her landing a Chanel beauty contract


10. She’s short for a model (around 5’7”–though her comp card says 5’9”)


11. …And fat, too, if you believe the self-styled beauty experts on pro-ana websites (like our old friends, the assholes at Skinny Gossip)


12. She’s a dead ringer for one of the greatest models ever, Natalia Vodianova


13. Which may be what Calvin Klein was thinking when they signed her for the Forbidden Euphoria campaign


14. She’s done lots of commercial work, like Armani Exchange:


15. And, uh, Victoria’s Secret:


16. She gets her hair to look like that by only washing “the top of my hair, near to the skin, and I just rinse the rest, so that shampoo doesn’t make it dry. I use conditioners as well, and I let my hair air dry.”


17. Fashion has yet to destroy her spirit:


18. She’s afraid of “certain insects.”


19. She has a super cute accent:



20. Oh, and a L’Oreal contract–so she’s not going anywhere