Victoria's Secret model Barbara Palvin addresses Justin Bieber breakup rumors

Last year, right about the time of the Victoria’s Secret show, many angry tweens learned the name of their new adversary: Barbara Palvin.

The beautiful Hungarian model was walking her first show for the lingerie megabrand–at which Justin Bieber was performing. Add his recent breakup with girlfriend Selena Gomez, a few incriminating(-ish) photos on Twitter and at least one cryptic tweet from Gomez herself and… suddenly Palvin was way more famous than your average Victoria’s Secret first timer. Palvin wisely laid low in the aftermath and didn’t say much to the press.

…Until now. Stupid Famous People recently asked Palvin a few questions about the whole Bieber breakup shitshow while she cheerfully signed autographs at JFK. When Bieber is mentioned, she comes across as exasperated but kind: “Yeah [we are just friends],” adding, “Not close friends. We just did the show together, that’s it.”

As for those notoriously possessive Beliebers, Palvin was treated to a whole lot of Twitter death threats:

“[I was getting tweets] like, ‘Dumb bitch, I’m gonna kill you and find you. I know where you live.’ It was scary.”

Come on, teenagers (this goes for Beliebers and Team Breezy especially): just because it’s less than 140 characters doesn’t mean it’s not a real death threat.

Palvin is then asked if she’s a One Direction fan. She shakes her head and says she’s not a fan of anyone (of the magnitude, we think, that One Direction/Bieber/etc fans tend to be).

Then she pauses thoughtfully and says, “I mean I have a huge crush on Johnny Depp, but… that’s different. He’s my soul mate.”



(via Fashionista)