bareminerals liquid foundation ad

I’m too ashamed to admit how many times I’ve been cornered by an aggressively smiling lady in a lab coat and forced to try on beauty products that I had no intention of buying. Maybe I’m just too shy to assert myself, or maybe I emit some kind of pheromone that tells the makeup counter lady that I’m an easy target, or maybe the allure of free samples gets to my head. Either way, I have extensive experience with Bare Minerals products, regardless of the fact that I’ve never owned one. Those lab coat ladies are beautiful sneaky geniuses, and they will not let you leave until you’ve heard their entire spiel about the evils of liquid foundation. That’s why it’s a little surprising to hear that Bare Escentuals is debuting a new line of, ahem, liquid foundations.

Yep. Leslie Blodgett, the woman behind the company’s “it doesn’t count as powder if it’s made up of tiny rocks” dogma that I could probably recite from memory, talked with Women’s Wear Daily about their new product… and I’m kind of confused. Basically, she swears that their liquid foundation is not a liquid foundation:

We are against liquid foundation. This isn’t a liquid foundation, just like our original bareMinerals was not a powder. … This is a serum, and it has half the ingredients of a traditional liquid foundation.

Okay, but if your chocolate chip cookie recipe requires less brown sugar than the one on the back of the Nestle bag, that doesn’t make them not chocolate chip cookies. I get that a big part of their image is about being Different from other makeup companies, but why not just focus on having better ingredients? I’m having a hard time understanding why this ~*magical serum*~ that covers your blemishes and smooths your skin tone is too special to be called foundation. Or BB cream. Or tinted moisturizer.

bareminerals liquid foundation

I’m not saying that they’re full of shit, and I have sisters and friends who swear by their products and have had nothing but positive experiences with them, but it’s always kind of funny when marketing is this transparent. I’ll always hold a grudge against the bareMinerals store at my mall for trapping me in front of a mirror for an hour, but… I might be kind of tempted to try this new NOT-foundation. But I won’t be proud of it.

Via Jezebel / Photos: YouTube