In our crazy busy lives, we are in definite need of products that help us to relax. There are a number of options on the market, but some of them come with eye-watering prices tags that only increase our stress levels. One range that has helped us chill without putting our bank accounts in the red is the Bath & Body Works aromatherapy line. People have been rubbing on and soaking in products like Stress Relief for years. To help us reach a more Zen-like state, the Bath & Body Works’ aromatherapy line has gotten a makeover.

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Besides Stress Relief, the Bath & Body Works aromatherapy line included Sleep, Energy and Sensual. The last one may be getting discontinued, but you shouldn’t be too upset about the announcement because the three others will remain. Plus, we’re getting four new scents and updated packaging for the entire collection.


At the end of August, Bath & Body Works is launching Comfort (vanilla and patchouli), Focus (eucalyptus and tea), Happiness (bergamot and mandarin), and Recharge (mint and sage). The collection will include body lotions, hand creams, body wash and bubbles baths, body scrubs and bath soaks. For your place, there are concentrated room sprays, pillow mists, deep-cleaning hand soaps and candles.

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And unlike some wallet-emptying aromatherapy products, the new Bath & Body Works range won’t damage your wallet too badly. The prices range from $6 for a hand soap to $22 for a candle.


We’ll be able to shop the new Bath & Body Works range at the end August so we’ll be able to keep a chillaxed state of mind as we say goodbye to summer and embrace the cooler weather.

(Photos: Bath & Body Works)