We want body products that are functional and deliver on what they promise. If they happen to smell nice and are fun to use then we’ve found things that earn pride of place in our routines. The Bath & Body Works CocoShea Bath & Shower Jelly ($17) is one of those products that ticks all of the boxes.

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The bath and shower jelly is part of Bath & Body Works’ new CocoShea range. The range is formulated with shea and honey and is meant to nourish dry skin. It includes an array of products including an All-Over Mist, a Lightweight Body Oil and Body Butters. However, the new Bath and Shower Jelly is going to be the product that you’re going to want to try first.

In addition to having a delectable warming scent, the Honey CocoShea Bath & Shower Jelly has a texture that is nothing like your usual body wash or soap. The jelly has a springy texture that will make you want to prod it repeatedly in its jar. However, it’s what it feels like when you rub it on your skin that makes it a real winner. It produces a rich lather and leaves your skin feeling soft and supple (read: not greasy) after you use it.

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While the Honey Bath and Shower Jelly may be the only one at the moment, POPSUGAR reported that there are more jellies coming in July as part of the summer collections. Look out yummy-sounding formulas like Pineapple Punch and Grapefruit Splash.

Can you handle all this jelly?