Bath and Body Works is filled with fun body products. Once you sniff every product in the store, you can start appreciating all of the different formulas including the rich body creams, the refreshing shower gels and gorgeous body mists. While you’re checking out all of the products, you’re going to want to make sure that you inspect Bath and Body Works’ new summer collection. It features an entire range of new products including shapeable soaps.

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Bath and Body Works revealed on Instagram that it launched a new skin-nourishing collection in stores and online on July 6. One of the most exciting things in the launch is undoubtedly the Shapeable Soap ($16.50). The soap is available in fruity flavors including “Poolside Pop” and “Cabana Breeze,” and the Shapeable Soaps are like silly string for your bath tub. If you played with shapeable soaps in the bath when you were younger, you will like the foam-based soaps because of their spray nozzle and firm-but-spreadable texture.

And the fun doesn’t stop there. The collection also includes Shower Jellies ($16.50), Smoothie Scrubs ($16.50), Sheer Body Oils ($14.50), Bath Fizzies ($6.95) and more. The Shower Jellies have a fun jelly texture that is pleasingly squidgy to use in the shower. What’s more, they nourish dry skin while gently cleansing. The Smoothie Scrubs are perfect for banishing flakes and getting skin beach-ready while the Sheer Body Oils deposit a lightweight, nourishing mist on dry skin. And if you’re a fan of baths in the summer time, pop one of the Bath Fizzies into the tub for frothy bubbles.

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All of Bath and Body Works’ summer collection is available to shop now. So, go try out your Shapeable Soaps and Smoothie Scrubs ASAP.