Never did I expect that this day would come when I’d find myself in the middle of a face-off between day creams. Heck, it was only last year did I discover the beauty and importance of using such a skincare cosmetic.

Today, I’m fortunate enough to have tried not just one (1), not two (2) but FOUR (4) kinds!

First ever day cream I’ve tried and religiously used is the Elizabeth Arden Intervene Pause & Effect Moisture Cream with SPF 15.

Elizabeth Arden Intervene Pause & Effect Moisture Creme | Beauty Bento Box, The Asian Beauty Blog
Elizabeth Arden Intervene Pause & Effect Moisture Cream

In terms of packaging, this one takes home the prize. It screams elegance right off the bat. I’ve noticed that of all four, this one has that rich moisture you’d associate with most creams. There’s no question that you’re skin will be hydrated and moisturised. Lightly scented and cool on the skin. It’s a bit on the heavy side; you’ll definitely feel the cream on your face. It takes a while for the skin to absorb it but it’s an excellent moisturiser used together with liquid foundations. There’s always a need to dab excess moisture off, though.

Damage: $55.00 (Php 2,640.00 converted)

Next is the RevaléSkin Day Cream also with SPF 15.

RevaléSkin Day Cream
RevaléSkin Day Cream

I have to admit that I’m the least impressed with this day cream. I only tried it for a week but it seems to lack the consistency that I want in a day cream. General absorption is typical. I do give it above average marks for its moisturising and nourishing factor. You can’t beat its ORAC score of between 15,000 and 17,500 higher than known antioxidants like green tea, pomegranate extract and Vitamins C and E. I had used the facial cleanser and night cream more often. I did find a use for this one though. I treat my underarms to this expensive moisturising cream regimen. Ah, the luxury!

Damage: Php 4,300.00 (around $89 converted)

I’m currently alternating Elizabeth Arden and this latest day cream find, the OLAY Regenerist Regenerating Cream (Perfecting Cream) which also has SPF 15.

OLAY Regenerist Regenerating Cream (Perfecting Cream)
OLAY Regenerist Regenerating Cream (Perfecting Cream)

What I love about this product is that effects are instantaneous. You will see and feel a brighter and smoother skin, respectively, upon application. It’s lightly scented that’s also soothing and relaxing. And I’m absolutely raving about its brilliant absorption. You’ll actually forget you have the cream on. I have indeed noticed that my skin is firmer after weeks of use. The Regenerist line has the exclusive amino-peptide complex and in theory it works like laser therapy by triggering our skin’s natural ability to heal itself, producing more structural proteins such as collagen and elastin. The amino-peptide also doubles up as a powerful antioxidant, claiming to be more potent than other natural sources like broccoli, avocado, and red grapes. My only problem with it is that I can’t use it with my liquid foundation and I seem to only use it if I have the Regenerating Serum on. Of course, that means I have to spend more cuz I need to buy two (2) products.

Damage: Php 999.00 (Around $20 converted)

Finally, I came face-to-face with the latest from Pond’s, the Age Miracle Daily Resurfacing Cream with SPF 15 PA++ that P is currently using.

Pond's Age Miracle Daily Resurfacing Cream
Pond’s Age Miracle Daily Resurfacing Cream

Unfortunately, I don’t own one nor am I currently using it. I was only able to try it out on a portion of my skin and take mental notes. Scent-wise, it’s fairly unattractive straight from the pot. However, once applied onto the skin, it changes into this light floral scent that’s quite reminiscent of roses. Pond’s had made use of Retinol in the form of patented formulations like the Conjugated Linoleic Acid or CLA anti-aging technology, was the main ingredient in the old formulation of Pond’s Age Miracle, has been blended with Alpha Hydroxy Acids (AHA), Retinol and Retinol Boosters to form the new Advanced CLA 4 Complex. It has great absorption. Packaging is very feminine and young.

Damage: Php 852.69 – (Around $17 converted)

I was able to make a small comparison between the OLAY Regenerist and Pond’s Age Miracle.

Day Creams: Pond's Age Miracle vs OLAY Regenerist

Pond’s has the more attractive colour for the cream but Olay scores major points for packaging, scent and absorption. Texture and consistency is almost the same but in terms of effectiveness, I can vouch for Olay and as for Pond’s P is still taking careful note if it is truly effective (no conclusive visible signs yet) or it’s the RevaleSkin night cream that’s working its magic. P’s major concern over the Pond’s day cream is the scent.

Bottomline, all four (4) day creams are anti-aging day creams, pushing the importance of sunscreen via the UVA/UVB protection. SPF 15 is the recommended strength for daily sun protection for the face. All give importance to antioxidants (though they differ in amounts) and regular moisturisation. It’d be great if you can treat your skin to rich nutrients that will help boost skin cell renewal, and improve your skin’s elasticity and firmness. And yes, the bright, rosy glow as a sign of a healthy skin!

This will now depend on your skin type, budget, and dire need. I hope I was able to note the important points per day cream to help you make a decision. If you have further questions, feel free to ask!

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