It is December which means it’s peak holiday beauty trend time. We’ve already seen the glitterage hair treatment, candy cane liner and Santa hat brows emerge as strong holiday trends. Now, there’s a new festive brow trend that has come to town, bauble brows.

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As you’ve probably deduced from the name, it involves decorating brows with baubles. Surprisingly, people aren’t decorating their brows with actual mini ornaments, they’re using makeup, and sometimes diamantes, to create the look.

Instagrammer and makeup artist @bronya_h helped the trend go viral. In the post, she explains that she was inspired by an unknown makeup artist on Pinterest. The resulting look shows her brow bone speckled with little white and red “ornaments” that have been “hung” with “string” tied in a bow. Instead of actual string, the look has been created with a precise eyeliner and red and white diamantes. To make things even more festive, she has topped her brows with a healthy dose of sparkle.

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If you’re feeling very jolly, you could try combing bauble brows with Santa hat brows for something extra festive. If that’s still not enough for you, you can always try adding some candy cane stripes into the look. When it comes to the holidays, there’s no such thing as being too festive.