Beardvertising billboard

Ever find yourself looking down at your gleaming expanse of beard hair and thinking, “Man, I am really good at growing a beard. It’s probably like my number one skill in the world. I wonder if there’s a way to make money from this?” Or maybe you just have a boyfriend who is blessed with a crazy hipster beard but has thus far lacked a way to monetize it.

Well now you’ve got one!

Beardvertising says beardy dudes should put their lush facial forests to work by selling ad space to corporate clients. It promises up to $5 a day just for simply clipping a “beardboard”—essentially a tiny clip-on billboard—into one’s beard and leaving it there.

“Do you have an epic beard?” crows the Beardvertising website. “Do people stare at its awesomeness? Of course they do. Do you wanna get paid for having an epic beard? Of course you do. Join the world’s first Beardvertising network. Get paid.”

For potential advertisers, the motivation is clear: “Everyone stares at an epic beard. Why not have these people also stare at your brand?”

“Will a brand pay to be seen next to the remaining crumbs of lunch?” asked AdLand. “In a world where urinal cake ad space finds the perfect client, I wouldn’t be surprised if beards did too. The only downside is that helpful people will undoubtedly keep telling you that you have something stuck in your beard, all day.”

The Beardvertising idea came from Real Native Advertising, and the company says it’s had actual dudes contact them about wearing Beardboards in their beards and has plans to release Beardboards into the real world in service of their corporate clients shortly. Admittedly, the concept seems much more likely to benefit the clever ad company that came up with it than any actual client who might mistakenly think paying a dude to put its name in his facial hair was a good idea. Still a funny idea, though.

Via Fashionably Geek/Photo: Beardvertising