There is nothing worse than being outside in the heat with a face full of heavy makeup dripping down your cheeks. It doesn’t look good and it feels even worse – but we still have to look good during the summer, right? If you’re looking for a lightweight makeup solution when the heat is on, you should consider purchasing natural makeup. Organic and all natural makeup products have increased tremendously in popularity over the last few years, which equates to a nice variety of different brands and solutions to choose from. Here are some suggestions for where your best bet is to go all natural.



The lighter the better when it comes to summer foundation. Ideally you have been taking good care of your skin and don’t need to spackle on a ton of concealer to hide what is easy to solve. A mineral foundation like what Bare Escentuals has designed forms a light layer on your skin that won’t cake or smudge when you’re out in the sun.


During the day, you should opt for softer, more natural looking colors anyway- but when you’re going out at night you might want to go for a more daring look with darker, dramatic shades of eyeshadow. In either case, unless you want to see eyeshadow caked in the crease of your eyelid, you should consider applying less and choosing a more heat friendly formula like Korres eyeshadow.


A little bronzer goes a long way – so find a product like Tarte’s Mineral Bronzer Powder and use it sparingly. Remember – you can always apply more, but once a splotch of bronzer is caked onto your skin, it can be tough to remove without starting all over again.

Lip Color

A berry colored lip gloss like Carol’s Daughter’s Candy Paint will perk up your lips without looking too heavy or somber for outside activities. I prefer a red hue but you might be more interested in a lighter pink or nude shade. If you really feel like putting on lipstick, stick to something simple and sheer like CARGO Bontanical Lipstick.

If you are just starting to dabble in all natural makeup, then here are a few palettes and gift sets you might want to consider.

Tarte Infinite Glow $30
Bare Escentuals bareMinerals® Get Started™ $49
PlanetLove Green Goddess Collection $36
Josie Maran My Favorite Powders $45

Image: Josie Maran

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