beauty and the beast

I mean, you already knew as much.

No! That’s not fair. Actually, some beautiful people are very interesting. Just like some ordinary looking people. They’re just not automatically more interesting. And now, science is on it!

Business Insider reports that the traditional notion is that:

The “beauty premium” insists that as attractive children grow into attractive adults, they may find it easier to develop agreeable interpersonal communications skills because their audience reacts more favourably to them. In this beauty-related employment theory, short people are less likely to get a good job. As Randy Newman sang: “Short people got no reason to live.” So Darwin’s argument that evolutionary forces favour a certain physical type may be proven in the job market as well as the wider world.

I didn’t know that about short people being fit only for death, but it’s interesting!

However, scientists have now found that:

An article in the journal Psychological Science now confirms what partygoers have known forever: that beauty and charm are no more directly linked than a high IQ and a talent for whistling. A group of scientists set out to discover whether physically attractive people also have appealing character traits and values, and found, according to Lihi Segal-Caspi, who carried out part of the research, that “beautiful people tend to focus more on conformity and self-promotion than independence and tolerance”.


Picture via Wiki