Dr. Nicholas Perricone, the creator behind Perricone MD skincare products, has recently launched a new line of wrinkle preventative treatments aimed at the 25-30 age range. The products range in price from $20-$50 (as compared to the whopping “discounted” price of $482.40 the older crowd is expected to pay for a three-product system) and are packaged in bright colors that supposedly appeal to a younger crowd. Of his new products, Dr. Perricone says, “Vanity is a great motivator…It’s far more stirring to say, ‘you’ll look younger and more glamorous in three days.'”

I’m only 22 years old, and do not yet use use wrinkle cream, though I do try to use SPF. Because I worked at a makeup store for two years, I have more makeup and products than I could ever use, and was given an upscale eye cream for free. Honestly, I applied it twice and then forgot to use it again. Right now, I have enough products to apply at bedtime, and applying something for a condition I don’t yet have seems pointless to me. That said, I hope I don’t regret this laziness in a few years.  Great, now I’m probably giving myself wrinkles by worrying about this!

What do you think about using wrinkle prevention products in your 20s?

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