Have you been on the hunt for a no-fuss makeup line that takes all the guess work away without looking overly matchy? I have known about beautyADDICTS for a while now (their Express eye palette is one of my smokey eye go to faves!) and it is truly ‘beauty made simple’.  This is an elegant beauty system designed around the lifestyles, attitudes, and moods of today’s women.


They have replaced the conventional “seasonal color story” with four color families: GLOW, EXPRESS, MOTIVATE, and SEDUCE. The color palettes empower women to create their own look – be it casual, flirtatious, professional, or downright glamorous.  The main principle of this line is that any woman can wear any of these colors, according to her mood. Nothing is too blue-ish, yellow-ish etc.  In fact, even though there are distinct color families they are all pretty neutral in my opinion.

The Rundown:

Glow Shimmering smokey Lavender shades make this a day to evening favorite.  Wear some of the lighter shades and then smoke it up for happy hour after work!!

Express Buff, Rose-Gold, Cream & Bronze shades make this a fantastic alternative to the traditional smokey eye (one of my all time favorite shadow palettes as well!)

Motivate Heather, berry plum and pale pink make this a pretty color palette for everyday.

Seduce White, silver, b;ack and burgundy…..great for evening looks and a smokey eye.

Honorable mention, the gel based glimmerSHEERS are absolutely FANTASTIC for summer!  Great way to get a sheer glow on your cheeks or anywhere else you want to shimmer.  Also, the new Mineral sheerTINT SPF 20 is phenomenal alone or when mixed with a bit of your favorite serum for a bit of color without being a full face of foundation….also great for summer!

Image:  Beauty Addicts