rolling-stones-lipsTo battle the dry lips of winter, there is no better solution than good old fashioned (and inexpensive!) petroleum jelly. In fact, petroleum jelly is good for just about every dry body part you have! A tip from a friend is to scrub petroleum jelly into your dry and flaky lips with an old toothbrush several times a day, and your lips will be back in kissable shape before you know it. Put a good coat on at night before bed as well, and you will wake up with wonderfully soft lips in the morning. If your lips are in really bad shape, and you have to face the world, use a long wearing lipstick (Max Factor’s LipFinity is my favorite), and forego the lip gloss – just keep applying petroleum jelly throughout the day..

Thanks to my friend Julyne,’s Guide to Beauty, for the toothbrush tip!