essie button's makeup collection video

Okay. I completely understand that this sounds weird, and if you were to go back in time and tell the version of me from a few years ago that she would spend her free time watching videos of strangers talking about all the expensive makeup they own, I’d be like, “yeah, no.” Little did I know!

YouTube is an endless wonderland of weird shit, and I’m obsessed with one very niche corner of it– the makeup collection videos. It might sound crazy, but there’s nothing more relaxing than half-watching a twenty-minute video of some girl talking about every tube of mascara she owns. If you’re already a fan, you’ll know what I’m talking about. This list can serve as a great reminder of some of the old classics. If you think I sound nuts, consider this list your introduction to a downward spiral of joy. I dare you to watch just one. I dare you.

1. True, Ingrid Nilsen makes it into every one of my articles about beauty bloggers, but that doesn’t make this time less special. I just find her really entertaining and really endearing and I could watch her open and close drawers for hours on end.

2. If the beauty guru community is a little too intense for you, Estée might be your new favorite. She’s exactly as good at collecting lipstick and storing blush as everyone else, but she’s a little more relatable to people whose lives don’t revolve around beauty products. This video will particularly interest fans of acrylic storage containers (and if you think those fans don’t exist, clearly you haven’t seen the view counts on these makeup collection videos).

3. If today’s one of those days where you just need to kick back with a glass of wine and imagine you live in a very clean, very pastel room with an expensive vanity that always has fresh flowers on it, check out ThatsHeart and her makeup collection. Her lipsticks are so ORGANIZED. Her brushes are so CLEAN. Her eyeliner is so much BETTER THAN MINE.

4. If watching adults with more stuff than you isn’t working, try feeling inferior to a teenager. MakeupbyMandy24 is really, really good at owning items. She’s such a good owner.

5. Do you have more hairs on your head than dope2111 has Essie nail polishes? Probably not. I want to dump all of her highly organized products into a room and swim through them, like they’re gold coins and I’m a cartoon villain.

6. Elle Fowler has made an incredibly impressive career out of talking about beauty products, so, of course, she has more MAC eye shadow palettes than a Sephora. If that makes you drool, prepare to get dehydrated over the course of this video.

7. I love Lindsey Hughes so much (her Twitter bio explains why: “19 years young. I like concerts and shoes and pizza.” Adorable), and this video is one of her all-time best. She has so much more stuff than anyone could ever need, but look how beautifully she arranges it! It’s organization porn.

8. Feel good about your perfume collection? You don’t even know what perfume IS. Allow MakeupByCheryl to show you what you’re missing out on by not being a successful video blogger.

9. I’m not sure why every single beauty guru has those white Ikea drawers, but Meghan Rienks sure knows how to fill them with beautiful things. Stare at her pretty nails and live vicariously through her eyeliner drawer.

10. Why has this Dulce Candy video been viewed over 2 million times? Because 2 million people know what’s up.

This list begs the important question, why leave the house, develop a social life, or get your own hobbies? Just call it a day and watch strangers talk about the containers they bought for their foundation brushes. It’ll be good for you.

Photo: essiebutton