If you’re a Frozen fan, you are probably counting down until the release of Frozen 2. We don’t have any further news on the sequel for you today, but we do have something that will make you very excited: A Beauty Creations Elsa Eyeshadow Palette.

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POPSUGAR reported on the magical eyeshadow palette. As soon as you see it, you know that it’s a Frozen themed product thanks to the bright blue package with magical snowflake design. Just so everyone knows exactly what it is, it also has “Elsa” written across the front of it.

When you open it up, it reveals a whopping 35-pan eyeshadow palette. Of course there are plenty of icy blue shades, but there’s also a mix of neutrals, brights and darks. Fans will likely recognize some of the colors from the movie, like the purple and green shades that look like Anna‘s outfit.

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Do you want your own Queen Elsa Eyeshadow Palette? Of course you do. Well, you don’t have long to wait to it. The palette launches on the Beauty Creations website on Friday, February 2 at precisely 11:59 a.m. PST. If you’re reading this after the fact, what are you waiting for? Go over there.

The Beauty Creations Queen Elsa Eyeshadow Palette will launch February 2 at 11:59 a.m PST.